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How can I contact you?
You can contact us through: support@vinsent.wine. To us, your every question matters. Yes, even questions such as: "why don't we call white grapes green-ish grapes?"
How do I place an order?
Simply visit "Explore Wines" page or download our app and choose your next wines. Once done shopping, visit your cart and check out to secure your order.
What types of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards and several cryptocurrencies. We don't accept cash, gold, pearls or any other biblical commodity.
Which wine should I choose?
That's a tough question - "who do you love more, mom or dad" style. Choosing the right wine is all about you, so any decision should be subjectively taken. Our search and filter system is here to help you make the right decision for you. You can filter wines by country, varieties, attributes and more or search using your own keywords. To learn more about the wine or even the winery, visit the wine and the winery page.
What is a case?
Vinsent offers diverse formats for our exclusive wines; from the most common 12x750ml and 6x750 ml, all the way up to individual magnum bottles! The "case format" is detailed anywhere the wine is featured, and will be confirmed once it's in your cart! Some of the wines on the platform are available “by the bottle,” and you can mix bottles from different wineries/wines (for delivery in the USA).
When will I get my order?
Each and every wine has a different shipment due date, set by the winery. Once the wine is ready for shipping, will keep you posted with delivery details as they come (specifics depend in part on the winery location and your delivery address). Wines that are marked “Ready to Ship” will usually take 3-4 weeks to arrive, unless there is already a supply in your market, in which case delivery could be within 3-5 days.
What if I need to change my shipping address?
If you ever need to make a change to the shipping address, please contact us directly. In your account profile you can add as many addresses as you like.
Can I change my mind and cancel an order?
If you change your mind about your purchase within 24 hours, we will cancel your order. For further inquiries, please contact us directly at support@vinsent.wine.
How do I connect to my account?
If you are using our mobile app or the website, you can connect to your account by signing in. Don't have an account yet? Shame on you! (come sign up!)
Where can I find the history of my purchases?
To find the history of your purchases, simply visit "My Cellar". (on the mobile app just hit the barrel icon on bottom left).
How can I set a new password?
Setting a new password is easy. Visit "Settings" under "Profile" and ask to change your password. Do us a favor and please avoid passwords such as: "abcd1234". Oh and keep your password in a secure place. (a post-it note on your public computer is NOT a secure place).
How do you set the wine price?
Each winery sets its own price for its wine.
How do you set the release price?
Each winery sets its own release price. For wine futures, prices are based upon past release prices for previous vintages and/or similar wines. Included in the price you see is shipping and handling for any orders over $99 (can combine wines to get over the $99).
What information do you keep?
You can find what information we keep in our Privacy Policy
What are your terms of service?
You can find our terms of service in our Terms of Use Policy.
What is Vinsent's marketplace and who is it for?
Driven by our mission to reconnect wineries and wine lovers, Vinsent's marketplace is for wine lovers who wish to buy wines and wine futures directly from boutique wineries and to connect with them.
What does Vinsent get out of it?
We live to bring wine lovers and winemakers together over fine wine; your complete enjoyment (and eternal love) is all we seek!
How do you choose the wineries and the wines?
Our wineries are top wineries from different countries, whose winemakers share the same passion as ours to directly connect wineries with wine lovers. Each winery chooses its own wines to offer through Vinsent's platform. If you're a winery owner who wishes to join Vinsent's Winery Program, please contact: support@vinsent.wine
Why might I need to wait for the wine I ordered?
Vinsent offers wine lovers opportunities to purchase fine wine and wine futures (i.e. wine still in the barrel) directly from boutique wineries. As each wine ages over time differently, different wines are ready for shipment on different times. Therefore, we highly advise you to check the shipment due date for each wine you consider purchasing.
When do I pay you?
You pay for your purchase when you place an order and provide your payment details. Once we have processed and cleared your payment, we'll secure your wine.
Shipping included?
Shipping for orders over $99 are included for EU, and US only. In the USA we cannot ship to: AL, AR, DE, KY, MS, RI, SD, UT & VT. You will receive a tracking number once your wine is on its way to you.
Where do you ship to?
As we are obligated to comply with local laws, we ship globally to all countries where the local law allows us to. To make sure we ship to your country, please contact support@vinsent.wine