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AD 1613 is the result of Niccolò and Sebastiano Capponi relentless efforts to celebrate Villa Calcinaia unique characteristics and local varietals. The Malvasia Bianca from ‘Vigna del Lago’, and Bastignano terraces, has been the starting place for AD 1613, together with Mammolo and Sangiovese from the shallower, austere in character, soils of Bastignano’s terraces. The weather pattern in 2011 has been characterized by a very cold and rainy winter, followed by heatwave and hot Scirocco winds during summer and cool temperatures during late-summer nights, creating musts that were characterized by a strong sugar content and high acidity. How to find a balance between the hot elements like alcohol and the fresh elements like acidity will be the winemaker’s main task in a year like this.

Winemaker Notes

Sebastiano Cappono

Conti Capponi - Villa Calcinaia

by Sebastiano Cappono
AD 1613 vinification was done following Niccola Capponi’s recipe with surprising results, in particular for what concerns the wine’s colour. Cherishing its pleasantness and drinkability, in this wine you will find the aforementioned character of old, agreeing entirely with the opinion given by Paolo Mini on Capponi ancestor’s efforts: ‘those wines Niccolò Capponi makes in the French style from the same vineyards, tastier, fuller in body and lighter as of colour than those done in the Florentine manner’. (Paolo Mini, 1596)


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