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L'eterno 2016

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100% Pinot Noir. Inspired by the great Giacomo Tachis, who had perfect knowledge of this noble grape variety, atypical for Sicily and yet offering a rather striking opportunity for expression on the island and in particular on the Feudi Del Pisciotto estate. An expression of clear Burgundian character, consistent, but at the same time exceptionally fine and elegant, with the Eterno’s (“The Lord”) hand depicted on the bottle, Giacomo Serpotta sculpture whose restoration was funded by the Feudi Del Pisciotto estate, together with the involvement of some of Italy’s biggest fashion designers who have designed the labels for a number of wines produced by the estate.

Winemaker Notes

Alessandro Cellai

Feudi del Pisciotto

by Alessandro Cellai
Characterised by a limpid ruby red colour with hints of garnet; rich aroma of berries and violets with spicy and tobacco notes. A soft and full-bodied wine, with a tannin that never displays hints of bitterness and a perceptible and captivating flavour.


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