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S. Niccolò Vin Santo 2015

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Case of 12 bottles (375ml)
Neither too dry nor too sweet. Produced in strict accordance with tradition, but with Malvasia Bianca and a small amount of Trebbiano grapes dried out in an aired area and not on “cannicci” (special wicker surfaces). And then in half-barriques with 20 to 30 year old deposits (“madri”). There’s never enough.

Winemaker Notes

Alessandro Cellai

Castellare di Castellina

by Alessandro Cellai
Bright amber colour. The nose is characterised by dried fruit aromas, with decisive notes of honey, caramel and candied fruit. Full and enfolding on the palate, while offering a chestnut flour sensation and a long finish.


Sustainably Made

Malvasia bianca taste