Anfiteatro IGT Toscana 2018 | Vecchie Terre di Montefili |

Anfiteatro IGT Toscana 2018

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At Vecchie Terre di Montefili, Anfiteatro represents THE Sangiovese, with roots digging into the ground, and expressing the soul of our lands for all of these years. Here is the vineyard that speaks through the grapes; we have tried only to accompany these words as kindly as possible to offer them in the glass.

Winemaker Notes

Serena Gusmeri

Vecchie Terre di Montefili

by Serena Gusmeri
Anfiteatro comes from the very first Sangiovese vineyard planted at Montefili, precisely in 1975 - something unique and irreproducible. Precisely for this reason, we have given maximum emphasis to the vineyard and its history, allowing the old vines to express themselves freely without constraints. This means responding to the plant, respecting its nature and therefore the very low density of plants per hectare and low yield. Character, elegance, structure, complexity... Already at the time of harvest, this Sangiovese was completely different from the others, and it is always a joy to follow its evolution through careful and measured aging processes to the final release which represents Sangiovese at its finest- rich, complex and structured.


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