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Brio de Cantenac Brown 2016

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Château Cantenac-Brown was founded in 1806 by a Scottish wine trader. The Le Louis family purchased the Estate in 2019 and are currently in the process of building a new sustainable winery, using materials such as straw insulation and utilizing solar power. It will incorporate existing buildings to minimize disruption to the landscape and biodiversity.

This Brio de Cantenac 2016 blend is made up from: 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Merlot, and 11% Cabernet Franc. Aging lasts 1 year in French Oak. Barrels of which 25% are new oak and 75% are year old barrels. Harvesting between 23 – 29 September for the Merlot, 3 – 4 October for Cabernet Franc and 10 – 19 October for the Cabernet Sauvignon.

Tristan Le Louis, together with Jose Sanfins, with respect for working the land and rooted in the soil of Burgundy have created a standard of excellence in producing wine of such renown. The grapes for the Grand Vin are hand-harvested and are vinified plot-by-plot in stainless steel vatsThe technical team of Château Cantenac Brown tasted all lots, choosing the best tanks. Milliliter by milliliter in the test tube, the blend became more and more refined.

Winemaker Notes

José Sanfins

Château Cantenac-Brown

by José Sanfins
After quite a warm and rainy winter, an early budburst, and a fast and homogeneous flowering, cautious vine-growers and winemakers experienced a slow véraison. Once again the weather was good to us: all seasonal vineyard tasks in the first part of the year that are now part of our usual routine (such as getting rid of base bud shoots, leaf pruning, “échardage” (i.e. getting rid of laterals shoots specifically located in the cluster area), green harvest), could not compensate for the cool temperatures of the beginning of the summer. We began to doubt that we could produce a wine as great as vintage 2014. But we did!



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