La Croix de Beaucaillou 2008

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This particular lovely 2008 vintage contains has a high percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon 60%, with 35% Merlot Noir and 5 % Petit Verdot, aged for 12 month in barrels most of which are new oak. With the oncoming of the spring a careful observation of the various grape varieties takes place. The fruit is continuously tasted then analysed in the laboratory to establish the optimum time to harvest
This is a great cuvee’ that will enlighten and stimulate your senses with a beguiling nose and a lengthy finish with its strong silky aromatic bouquet.

Winemaker Notes

René Lusseau

Château Ducru-Beaucaillou

by René Lusseau
Being a second label of Chateau Ducru Beaucaillou it’s derived from separate and distinct vineyard just to the west of the Château, undergoing a strict selection of the fruit to achieve a particular purity of the blends. This savoury and classic red is steeped in the tradition of a true Burgundy, with a style covering a broad spectrum of flavours, but remain elegant and structured. The fresh youth fruit has cherry notes and a low tannin. The jammy and deep fruit taste comes with much tones of spices and can be enjoyed at any time. Characteristics include bell pepper, chassis, cedar, strawberry and cherry with some raspberry, plum, pepper and spice.


Sustainably Made

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