Domaine la Barroche, Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Fiancee 2007

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This wine combines two seemingly opposite grapes: 100-year-old Grenache and young Syrah. However, these two varieties complement one another beautifully: a fusion of masculine and feminine – a silky blend of power and finesse with fresh fruit aromas, flowers and spices

Winemaker Notes

Julien & Laetitia Barrot

Domaine La Barroche

by Julien & Laetitia Barrot
The wine's name evokes an incredible love story, a tumultuous, mysterious, and poetic romance between two grape varieties: Grenache and Syrah. Like Romeo and Juliette, they come from very different terroirs... However, unlike the Shakespeare play, they ripen together, are picked at the same time, and are fermented and aged in the same barrel for their love to blossom... Walking a fine line between tradition and modernity, this combination of silkiness, finesse, and power is impressively generous and elegant. Fiancée represents an alliance between opposites, the complementarity between male and female, and passion without restraint


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