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Chateau Grand Corbin Saint-Emilion Grand Cru 2014

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This beautiful Saint-Émilion Grand Cru expresses the power and classic character of the 2014 vintage. Its perfect maturity of tannins give the wine a long finish that is fresh and aromatic. The wine shows meaty, rich and fruity notes which are the expression of its silica and blue sea clay terroir

Winemaker Notes

Antoine Couthures

Château Grand Corbin

by Antoine Couthures
The three main grape varieties of the appellation come together and complement each other to magnify the whole. Merlot brings fruits, while Cabernet sauvignon gives tannins and the Cabernet franc, spicy notes. The wine expresses silky smooth tannins and aromas of truffle, discreet oak and a touch of mocha on the nose. It is characterised by its freshness, elegance and purity. The blue clay lends the wine its structure, density and excellent potential for cellar-ageing. It goes well with a leg of lamb which nicely brings out the wine’s rich nature


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