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Miss Vicky Wine O Joie 2018

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Miss Vicky Wine Ô Joie 2018 is vinified at Chateau des Moriers. ‘Vicky’ stands for Anne-Victoire, now the 5th generation of winemakers helping the family vineyard to renew itself and reach excellence through contemporary wine profiles, although still echoing the traditional signature of Château des Moriers wines. The ‘Vicky’ style is therefore lighter in body, and more approachable. Her aim was to produce wines with purity, freshness and elegance. Ô Joie 2018 is a blend of grapes from the different vineyards situated in front of the family home on pink granitic soils. Short aging in 400 liters of oak barrel. Accessible but great, that is Vicky’s vision of Beaujolais!

Winemaker Notes

Gilles et Anne-Victoire Monrozier

Château des Moriers

by Gilles et Anne-Victoire Monrozier
Joyful, fruity and fresh, this is a light Gamay wine that expresses mineral notes sharpening your palate and awakening your senses. That's what comes to my mind on the first sip. It’s a wine of pure juice, with no complication, straightforward. An ode to joy, and to the happiness of moments shared, until the end of night and more!


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