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Drappier Grande Sendree 2009

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The Grande Sendrée Cuvée takes its name from a parcel of land covered by cinders after the fire which ravaged Urville in 1838. A spelling error has slipped through in a new version of the land register; from Grande Cendrée, it is with an “s” that this cuvée is designated today. This wine is a blend of Pinot noir and Chardonnay from the Grande Sendrée single vineyard. 35% of the juices are matured in oak barrels for 9 months, before the cuvée is aged for 7 years sur lattes (in the bottle on lees). Dosage (added sugar during bottling) is at a relatively low, 5 grams/liter

Winemaker Notes

Michel Drappier


by Michel Drappier
With a shiny and bright lemon-yellow color, it is vibrant and light for an over ten-year-old Champagne, no obvious golden hues. Joyful aromas of citrus and waxy hazelnut, sweet spices and nutmeg, come with delicate notes of fresh pear, grapefruit and lime. The palate is the revelation of the Grande Sendrée, the opulence, the body, the coating texture of Pinot noir, combined with the crisp acidic tension from Chardonnay grown on a limestone terroir


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