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Pink Elephant Parade

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A wonderful pink bubbly, crafted especially for the Untamed Elephants community. A few important points about this offering:

First, as the grapes have just been harvested, the wine won't be ready until next year, but you'll receive an NFT immediately in the meantime. You'll be able to keep your wine in storage if you like and just trade the NFT. To claim the wine for shipping you'll have to burn your NFT and pay a shipping fee that will be unique to your country.

Second, we'll have rarities! There'll be three types of NFTs: standard, gold, and signature. If you get a gold NFT, your wine will be stored in 1500ml magnum-sized bottles. If you get a signature NFT, your wine will be stored in a single, awe-inspiring 12L Balthazar bottle.

Third, the supply will be limited and minting will last 1-week or until sellout. The reveal of which rarity you got will come after mint.

Fourth, if you get a signature NFT, your Untamed Elephant will appear on the back label of every bottle, making it world-famous.

If you hold 10+ elephants you'll get a 5% discount and if you hold 25+ elephants, you'll get a 10% discount.

If you choose to pay here rather than minting yourself, we will be in touch to send you the NFT we will mint for you.

Winemaker Notes

Yehuda Nahar

Jezreel Valley Winery

by Yehuda Nahar
It is so exciting for us at Jezreel to be part of this wonderful project to raise awareness (and funds) for saving elephants. As winemakers we have a deep connection to the land, and all creatures that inhabit it. This wine pays tribute to one of our favorite characters, Dumbo, who inspired us to make Pink Elephant Parade.


Sustainably Made

Carignan taste