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Today, Tenuta Il Poggione is one of Montalcino’s largest wineries: it covers an area of 600 hectares, of which 125 hectares are planted with vines, 70 with olive groves and the rest are sowable land and woods. The estate’s guiding principle is to pay meticulous attention to the vines, because the secret of producing great red wines lies in taking extreme care of the vineyards. Tenuta Il Poggione has always practised diversified farming, by planting different crops other than the vineyards. More recently, solar panels have been installed on the winery's roof, reducing the environmental impact of its wines. In the constant work of safeguarding the typicity and improving the quality of its wines, Tenuta Il Poggione not only invests in research and development, but it also selects and reduces the amount of grape bunches produced. Moreover, by practising the green harvest, monitoring the health conditions of the vineyards and the need for soil nutrients, it is possible to obtain excellent L’Azienda wines even in more challenging vintages.

Winemaker Notes

Lavinio Franceschi


by Lavinio Franceschi
The story of Tenuta Il Poggione began at the end of the 19th century. It tells of Lavinio Franceschi, a landowner from Scandicci, on the hills that rise above Florence. Franceschi was so fascinated by the tales told by a shepherd moving his sheep to their summer pasture on the slopes of the Maremma between Montalcino and Sant’Angelo that he went to survey the place, caring nothing for the distance and dangers that commonly beset travellers in those days. He found his visit so interesting and the scenery so majestic that he decided to buy land there.