Domaine Tortochot
As far as one traces back family Tortochot, one found an ancestor, vine-grower in Gevrey. In the last century, Paul, the Gabriel's grandfather, was a small vine-grower residing on the Chestnuttree place. His son, Félix, get married with Louise Liébaut from Morey. Liébaut's Family is well-known in Morey, a variety of Pinot Noir is called so, after the ancestor Eugène had selected it. The Félix's son, Gabriel owns around 10 hectares.

Winemaker Notes

Gabriel Tortochot

Domaine Tortochot

by Gabriel Tortochot
In our test vineyard, les Corvées, we decided that we would do our utmost to try to only use products that are chemical-free. We only use organic raw materials - copper salts, sulphates, and natural insecticides (made from plants). To protect vines from mildew and oidium (powdery mildew) we use sprays made from plant extracts and highly-diluted bouillie bordelaise (a copper sulphate pulp) as well as sulphur flowers in powder form.