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"In Nomine Domini, Amen" Thus, following the custom of the time, starts the contract drawn up on the 23rd of May 1524 by Sebastiano del Caccia and Niccola di Andrea Capponi, by which the former sold to Capponi "four poderi (self-contained agricultural units) and a gentleman's house, at the place called Calcinaia. The Capponis must have liked the place, considering that at about the middle of the XVI century Calcinaia was considered important enough to deserve to be depicted in the maps of the Captains of the Guelph Party. Calcinaia remained a simple country house until the second-half of the eighteenth century, when Count Ferdinando Carlo Capponi, a first-class administrator, decided to reorganise his property in the Greve valley. To this period date back the fermenting cellar, the cellars proper, the lemonhouse, and the rear section of the Villa .From their 30 hectars of vineyards, the Counts Capponi produce wines internationally recognised and enjoyed since the beginning of the 20th century. However, the products of Villa Calcinaia were already well known since the 16th century, as proven by documents in the family archive. Over the last 50 years the Capponi have continuously been investing in their wine making in order to improve the quality at the same time bearing in mind the ties of the terroir and its respected traditions. Members of the family give new life to the fields, forests, vineyards and the cellars, as each spring brings life to the earth. And what could be a better example of this continuous renewal if not the wine? For each harvest, the family shares the hopes, worries, pride and commitment which forms a part of the job. The Chianti Classico from Villa Calcinaia is the truest expression of the traditions and the right to call themselves proudly Capponi.

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