Vignoble Réveille
Vignoble Réveille is a 11-hectare organic-certified vineyard nested in the heart of the Agly Valley in Roussillon. By adopting biodynamic practices and an agroforestry approach to winegrowing, owner and winemaker France Crispeels’ aim is to stimulate the soil life and nurture a biodiverse ecosystem enriched by the indigenous nature. Old and mature vines of Carignan, Grenache noir, as well as the Grenache gris planted in 2014, are especially thriving on the gneiss soils in Cassagnes. Syrah and Marsanne are complementing the varietals on the heights of the 600m altitude granitic soils of Montalba

Winemaker Notes

France Crispeels

Vignoble Réveille

by France Crispeels
Water scarcity, filtering high acidic soils, and the influence of the Tramontane are fostering the production of complex, yet fresh and balanced wines. Yields are low and tailored interventions are required in order to nurture life into the vineyards, reach the desired level of maturity, and obtain this common underlying signature found in every of Réveille’s wines. The work continues in the chai with healthy and mature grapes. Each cuvée commands its own approach to vinification, indigenous yeast, and soft processes exempt from any intrants. It results in clean, straight and honest natural wines. At every vintage, you can expect the expression of the same originality, utmost degree of know-how, and the freshness and irresistible Mediterranean typicity