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Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio
Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio is one of the most widely esteemed wineries in Piemonte, just south of the Barolo production area. It is the historic producer of Monprivato, one of Barolo's most prized crus. The members of the Giuseppe Mascarello family have been growing wines for more than a century and a half, first as farmers running the Manescotto estate in the village of La Morra for the marchesa Giulia Colbert Faletti di Barolo, and then on their own property since the late 1800s

Winemaker Notes

Mauro Mascarello

Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio

by Mauro Mascarello
Giuseppe Mascarello e Figlio’s wines are unerringly always amongst the finest examples of their respective vintages, which blossom after six to ten years of bottle age and evolve brilliantly over the ensuing twenty-five to forty years. Besides the flagship Monprivato, there are now a Mascarello Barolo “Villero”), a Barolo “Bricco”, and a Barolo “Santo Stefano di Perno”