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Tua Rita
Tua Rita is located in Suvereto, a small medieval town in the Tuscan province of Livorno, on the coast south of Bolgheri. The winery lies at just 300 feet above sea level, on clay, silty soil. The winery released its first vintage in 1992, and soon began receiving praise and accolades from wine enthusiasts worldwide for its rich, full-bodied wines. In less than a decade they had extended the property up to nine hectares, then twenty; nowadays the totality of the planted vines includes thirty hectares

Winemaker Notes

Rita Tua

Tua Rita

by Rita Tua
Rita Tua and her husband Virgilio bought the southern Tuscany property in 1984 with modest intentions. They planted Cabernet and Merlot with the aim of working the land in a natural way, and perhaps enjoying some of the fruits of their labour themselves. Suffice to say they never expected to become a huge name in the fine wine business