Château Angelus
Château Angelus has one of the longer histories in the Saint-Émilion appellation, and the De Bouärd family has an even longer history in the region. Hubert de Boüard was one of the first Bordeaux winemakers to embrace fermenting in open top vats and conducting malolactic fermentation in small barrels. He started employing other techniques that were popular in Burgundy, but not widely used at the time in Bordeaux. This included fermenting with whole berries, ageing on the lees, harvesting and vinifying on a parcel by parcel basis. While all of these practices are standard at all well managed vineyards today, at the time, they were almost revolutionary! The 39-hectare vineyard of Château Angelus is planted to 50% Merlot, 47% Cabernet Franc and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon. In 2018, Château Angelus moved to 100% organic farming and was certified organic in 2021. Stephanie is an eighth-generation De Bouärd and the third woman to run the estate, having taken over from her father Hubert in 2014

Winemaker Notes

Stéphanie De Boüard

Château Angelus

by Stéphanie De Boüard
The Angelus style results from the combination of bold decisions on vine varieties and an outstanding clay-limestone terroir. It is this unique character born of the south-facing Saint-Émilion slopes with its large proportion of Cabernet Franc that we are so pleased to meet over and over again as the vintages pass by. It is also a composition re-crafted every year in a continuous quest for excellence