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Château Biac
Sometimes life is full of surprises. The Lebanese Asseily family experienced this first-hand when they became the owners of Château Biac as if by accident in 2006. They regularly spent their summer holidays near Biac, but never would they have dreamt that they would own and manage this wonderful property themselves one day. Château Biac’s unique setting overlooking a meander of the Garonne River and the plain of the Graves, has not only been a timeless witness to the region’s history, but also to the geological movements of the area, now embedded in its unique “terroir”

Winemaker Notes

Youmna and Tony Asseily

Château Biac

by Youmna and Tony Asseily
Under our watch, we aim to live up to Chateau Biac’s glorious past by producing wines which will perpetuate the same values. Patrick Leon oversees the making of our three red wines. His rich and varied experience is invaluable and together, we push the post further to reach the best expression of the year’s vintage. Every year, we listen to what the vintage tells us of how our “terroir” has fared that year. This is why we do not have a set blending recipe for our wines