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Château Montrose
Second Classified Growth in 1855, Château Montrose is one of the greatest wines of the Saint Estèphe Appellation, which Martin and Olivier Bouygues acquired in 2006. After 7 years of restoration work, Château Montrose is today one of the most modern vineyards in Bordeaux. The property now produces three wines: Château Montrose, resulting from successive and rigorous selections conducted at each stage of production, a great wine made of Cabernet Sauvignon that is typical of the appellation Saint-Estèphe, La Dame de Montrose, resulting from a second selection, predominantly Merlot, and a third blend from the younger vines and lee wines, the Saint-Estèphe de Montrose. One of the rare Bordeaux estate to have had 3x 100 Parker pts (1990, 2009, 2010)

Winemaker Notes

Martin and Olivier Bouygues

Château Montrose

by Martin and Olivier Bouygues
For Château Montrose, the grape varieties are mainly Cabernet sauvignon, complemented by Cabernet franc, Petit verdot and Merlot. They are planted in Pyrenean gravel soils on a clay subsoil, ideally situated facing the Gironde estuary, taking advantage of the natural benefits of this location. The Cabernet sauvignon brings power, intensity and structure to the wines of Château Montrose, in the classic style of the great Saint-Estèphe, concentrating to perfection aromas of black fruits, spices and tobacco. Their keeping capacity is exceptional, giving them complexity and delicacy over time