Domaine Moreau-Naudet
Stephane Moreau took over the 25-hectare estate from his father in 1999 and over the next two decades, he made a series of changes, converting to organic viticulture, fermenting only with native yeasts and harvesting by hand. The result was a range of truly outstanding Chablis, wines with great texture, precision and a sense of place. Stephane passed away suddenly in 2016 and his wife Virginie has taken over the domain's management. She continues to grow and vinify her wines according to the same principles and the results are no less enchanting. The wines, full of racy character, textural depth and complexity, seem to be better with every vintage

Winemaker Notes

Virginie Moreau

Domaine Moreau-Naudet

by Virginie Moreau
The wines possess a purity and intensity of flavour, seldom encountered in Chablis today. The fruit characters are vivid - intense floral and orchard fruit barely hiding under a pile of wet stone minerality. The palate is mouth filling yet finely detailed and coolly refreshing. This is old school Chablis, yet conversely very contemporary. Wines full of that 'everything old is new again' flesh and charm. These are charismatic and thought provoking wines, yet remaining deliciously drinkable