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The name Querciabella is entirely appropriate to this estate in Chianti, which is surrounded by a sheltering forest of magnificent trees. Sebastiano Castiglioni is at the helm of one of the most innovative wineries in Italy, spearheading vegan and biodynamic practices in his two estates. Helped by the incredibly talented South African winemaker Manfred Ing, Querciabella are releasing not only some of the purest expressions of Chianti Classico but also venturing into Super Tuscan territory with Camartina and Palafreno. Querciabella are also responsible for one of the most acclaimed Italian whites, Batàr, alongside a range of exciting Maremma wines

Winemaker Notes

Sebastiano Castiglioni


by Sebastiano Castiglioni
The core principle underlying our winegrowing philosophy involves specifically promoting balance. The understanding of a vineyard as an ecosystem dependent on a complex network of biological diversity is for us the foundation of winemaking. We believe that characteristic terroir wines can only develop when the vine’s roots are able to uphold their symbiotic interaction with their natural surroundings