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Domaine Bernard Gripa
The Gripa family has a multi-generational history in Saint-Joseph and their family winemaking traditions still remain key to the operations of the estate today. Fabrice Gripa, current custodian, looks after the Domaine with the help of his father Bernard Gripa. All year long, Fabrice and his determined team undertake every task in the vineyard by hand, as no machine is capable of accessing the steep and challenging terrain of the vineyards. The estate is composed of sixteen hectares of vineyard – half white wines and half red wines – a unique combination within the village

Winemaker Notes

Fabrice Gripa

Domaine Bernard Gripa

by Fabrice Gripa
Domaine Gripa’s wines are all made traditionally and masterfully express their origin. The four cuvées of Saint Joseph and the two cuvées of Saint-Péray undergo their maturation in French oak barrels of different sizes and ages to slow down the ferocity of their natural acid and tannic complexity