Ponts des Arts
Pont des Arts is an exclusive, limited collection of fine wines and spirits. It is the first international high end brand of French wines, building a bridge between Art and Wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy, the East and West and collectors and newcomers alike. Pont des Arts marries the best from the art world (such as Zao Wou-Ki, Yue Minjun, Miquel Barceló, Yan-Pei Ming and Piet Mondrian) and the wine world (Etienne de Montille, Rodolphe peters, Chateau la Conseillante and other highly respected wine and spirit experts from France). Every bottle produced adorns carefully selected pieces of art, chosen together with the artist, to match the flavor profile of each of our wines. The two founders went to Zao Wou-Ki’s and Miquel Barceló’s ateliers in Paris and Yue Minjun’s in Beijing several times, carefully thinking about the association between each painting and each wine and to ensure the emotions that are evoked when drinking great wine or looking at great art are intrinsically linked. The Pontallier Family has been making Wine for more than 400 years. Thibault Pontallier and his father – the legendary French winemaker Paul Pontallier – spent many years alongside other wine experts from Bordeaux and Burgundy to taste, blend and create this limited collection of fine wines. They looked for the best terroirs and the best grapes, tasting more than 700 different parcels, in France to realise this unique project. The spirit of these wines can be defined by three main attributes: a very special perfume, epitomizing each appellation, a huge power hidden by elegance, and a fresh lingering finish. As Arthur de Villepin points out “the wines themselves are works of Art”.