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Founded in 1896, the Massolino estate is based in and around the town of Serralunga, one of the prime sub-zones of the Barolo DOC. The Massolino family have always made their wine in Serralunga d’Alba, at their home. The wine, its land, a family, a century of work, four generations, and an immense love of their land. The jewels in the crown of Massolino estate originate from three cru vineyards that produce the highly rated wines Barolo Margheria, Barolo Parafada and Vigna Rionda Riserva

Winemaker Notes

Franco Massolino


by Franco Massolino
Making wine with passion, in its land of origin, preserving the typical characteristics of the autochthonous grape varieties, being convinced that there is a deep and tangible link between the vines, hills and winegrowers, made up of affinities cemented, by habit, to the land. Since 1896, the Massolino family has been making wine this way, loyal to this philosophy and to the capacity for innovation in the name of tradition. In short, it is loyal to itself!