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Taittinger is one of the few family-owned independent Champagne houses in Reims. It produces a very classy Non-Vintage blend and complex Vintage Champagnes as well. The estate has quickly established itself as one of the most prestigious in the region and developed its brand gradually, building its identity upon a daring and innovative style. The noble Chardonnay became the emblematic grape variety of the House, producing brilliant wines full of finesse, elegance and an ethereal lightness

Winemaker Notes

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger


by Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger
Since 2006, Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, along with his daughter Vitalie and his son Clovis, has been at the helm of the business started by his ancestors. Thanks to the great commitment of a united and dedicated family, Taittinger has maintained a winning spirit and a certain consistency of style, marking this beautiful Champagne House