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Domaine François Mikulski
One of the rising stars of the otherwise closely knit community of Burgundy winemakers, François Mikulski has turned a handicap into an advantage. No complex, ancient or elaborate names on an intricate ancient label on the bottles, just a seemingly handwritten name, his name, on a simple single color background pasted on a bottle of an authentic, elegant and pure wine. Mikulski studied winemaking and after his military service he went to California in 1983 to work in the vines and understand the differences between modern winemaking techniques used in the United States and the traditional ways of Burgundy. He started out with 4.5 hectares and works on nine currently. The vines are in the village of Meursault and the surrounding communes

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François Mikulski

Domaine François Mikulski

by François Mikulski
It is axiomatic to the Burgundian commitment to terroir that vineyard management is the most crucial element in making wine expressive of the vineyard and vintage. François Mikulski is a practitioner of “lutte raisonnée”, a system of vine cultivation that is essentially organic and noninterventionist. “Lutte raisonnée” entails holistic and balanced viticultural management with primary focus on the microbial health of the soil and the biodiversity of the vineyard