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Domaine Pascal Cotat
Domaine Pascal Cotat is considered by many as the greatest domain in Sancerre, and its wines, some of the best Sauvignon blanc in the world. Pascal Cotat works his vines on the steep slopes of Chavignol, 2.3 hectares which came to him after the family estate was split between him and his cousin François. Only 2.3 hectares, but what a treasure! A pioneer of single-vineyard bottlings in Sancerre, he grew its reputation by the chiselled precision of his cuvées, each of which was conceived to render the personality of a given parcel. The estate produces only 18000 bottles per year, exported to 24 countries, of which the seven importers in the USA alone take 5000 every year... These wines are rare!

Winemaker Notes

Pascal Cotat

Domaine Pascal Cotat

by Pascal Cotat
Cotat lets his grapes hang on the vines longer than his peers, leading to a Sauvignon blanc that is rich, full-flavored, and thick. These qualities make the wine more versatile at the table, regardless of the season. Despite its fuller body, the wines are zesty, bright, and herbal, as we think all Sauvignon blanc should be