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Pio Cesare
In April 2021, the wine world mourned the loss of Pio Boffa, the far-sighted winemaker and tireless ambassador of Barolo and Barbaresco around the world. The reins of Pio Cesare, which has always been a family business, have then been given into the hands of the fifth generation, Boffa’s young daughter Federica, 23, and his nephew, Cesare. The estate boasts 75 hectares of vineyards, purchased patiently starting in the 1970s and located in particularly valuable positions within most of the municipalities in the Barolo and Barbaresco region, in the top areas of the Langhe

Winemaker Notes

Federica Boffa

Pio Cesare

by Federica Boffa
Pio Boffa was quoted as saying, “blended Barolos and Barbarescos are the true expressions of Nebbiolo in their respective territories and denominations. Each area, and plot of land, has its own character and only through the combination of these multiple differences that the wines we make are truly ours, traditional. It is our signature”