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Tenuta Col d'Orcia
Col d’Orcia, which literally means the ‘hill overlooking the Orcia River’, is one of the founding wineries of Brunello di Montalcino, the third winery by size in Montalcino today, and the first in Tuscany for hectares with organic management. The 150-hectare vineyard is located on average 450 metres above sea level, on the southern slope of the appellation, on soil which is loose, calcareous and rich in skeleton, perfectly exposed at midday. After careful selection in the vineyard, what follows is precise and controlled vinification, and then traditional ageing, when required, in large oak barrels, which dictate the style of this family

Winemaker Notes

Count Francesco Marone Cinzano

Tenuta Col d'Orcia

by Count Francesco Marone Cinzano
It is the mission of Col d’Orcia to produce the best possible wines that the exceptional combination of soil and climate of this part of Montalcino can achieve. Experimentation is all-encompassing, with splendid international cuts and some charming whites for class, style and drinkability