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Domaine Tissot
One Jura’s most iconic producers is Stéphane Tissot who, with his wife Bénédicte, took over the domaine from his parents, the famed André and Mireille, with the intention of expressing vineyard terroir above all else. Stéphane believes that great emotion can be found in a bottle of wine, but emotion will never be transported to the glass if the vineyard is not farmed organically. For him, there really should be no excuse for chemically treated, unhealthy, unhappy vineyards. He also believes that the wine he makes reflects his personality. As he changes and grows, so do his wines

Winemaker Notes

Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot

Domaine Tissot

by Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot
The vineyard extends over 43 hectares with Chardonnay, Savagnin, Pinot noir, and Trousseau, resulting in the production of about 36 different labels. Wines are made from grapes grown organically using natural composting techniques and special preparations of herbal sprays while following the astronomical calendar