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Jean et Sébastien Dauvissat
This is one of Chablis’ flagship estates which goes back to the late 19th century. The entrance to this estate is a “hole in the wall” door leading onto a beautiful courtyard, showing all the splendor of this 17th century house. It was Jean Dauvissat that turned this estate into a highly reputable and profitable one at the end of the 70’s, increasing production to around 50,000 bottles and swerving away from the use of the “maisons de négoce”. Jean had an unfortunate accident which left his widow Evelyne, and his son Sébastien in charge. Fortunately, Sébastien has his father’s gift in wine-making and the estate continues to produce intensely mineral and fine Chablis

Winemaker Notes

Sebastien Dauvissat

Jean et Sébastien Dauvissat

by Sebastien Dauvissat
The domaine encompasses slightly less than 10 hectares of vineyards. The Grand Cru vineyards are south-facing; the 1er Cru vineyards have a full southeast exposure; and the village property faces northwest. All are hillside sites with a clay-limestone soil composition heavily marked by small stones that provide for excellent drainage. Of course, the entire vineyard surface is underlain by the Kimmeridgian limestone that makes Chablis one of the most unique wine-producing areas in the world