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Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte
Thanks to its 55 hectares of superb gravelly vineyards, Smith Haut Lafitte is often referred to as the "archetypical Graves." The estate's history goes back to the Crusades, and a Scottish navigator, George Smith, who became the owner of the estate in the 18th century. He was followed by M. Duffour-Dubergier, Mayor of Bordeaux, and then Louis Eschenauer, a famous wine shipper. In 1990, Daniel and Florence Cathiard also fell under the spell of this beautiful estate. Since then, they have restored the 16th century tower, renovated the 18th century manor house, built two underground cellars, went back to traditional vine growing methods without chemical herbicides and set up their own cooperage. The perfect elegance, excellent balance and fine structure of Smith Haut Lafitte's red and white wines are the ultimate reflection of the current owners' total commitment to quality.

Winemaker Notes

Fabien Teitgen

Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

by Fabien Teitgen
The wine has a very deep, intense black colour. The nose is already expressive with a mix of red and black fruit (blackberry, blackcurrant, cherry, raspberry) and spices, characteristic of perfectly ripe grapes. Swirling in the glass reveals considerable complexity with delicate floral notes, sweet spices, and gunflint. The wine starts out broad-based, concentrated, and powerful on the palate. The tannin is rich without compromising on freshness, balance, and delicate flavours. The expression "an iron fist in a velvet glove" perfectly sums up this wine!